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The box-set traces the history of Archiv from 1947, when the first recordings were made (Helmut Walcha playing Bach organ works), to a bonus CD featuring selections from the new 2013 albums mentioned above. A complete overview is appended. In between comes a sequence of albums several of which are new to CD from the great names of the label, from Walcha, Wenzinger and Safford Cape, through Karl Richter, Nikolas Harnoncourt and Sir Charles Mackerras, on to David Munrow, Ralph Kirkpatrick, Jurgen Jurgens, to Reinhard Goebel, Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Trevor Pinnock, Paul McCreesh, Marc Minkowski, Anne Sofie von Otter, Magdalena Kozená and many, many more. The list of artists who have recorded for Archiv is truly astounding. 

This is an original-cover box, starting with the austere yellow covers of the 1940s and 1950s gradually giving way to the great historical illustrations and images that featured up to the 1990s, when artists at last began to make an appearance (there were no artist photos in the 1950s!)

Cd 1: J. S. BACH Werke für Orgel (Walcha) 
Cd 2: J. S. BACH Kantaten (Fischer-Dieskau) 
Cd 3: J. S. BACH: Kantaten (Lehmann) 
Cd 4: Gregorianische Gesänge (Mönche der Erzabtei St. Martin, Beuron) 
Cd 5: DE LA HALLE: Le Jeu de Robin et Marion, Rondeaux, 17 Dances (Cape) 
Cd 6-7: J. S. BACH: Brandenburgische Konzerte (Wenzinger) 
Cd 8: GIBBONS / MORLEY: Anthems, Madrigals, Fantasies (Deller / Wenzinger) 
Cd 9-11: J. S. BACH: Matthäus-Passion (Richter) 
Cd 12: J. S. BACH: Kantaten (Richter) 
Cd 13: PRAETORIUS: Dances from Terpsichore (Neumeyer) 
Cd 14: MOURET / DELALANDE: Symphonies et Fanfares (Scherbaum / Kuentz) 
Cd 15: MUFFAT / BIBER: Konzertmusik (Harnoncourt) 
Cd 16: TELEMANN: Musique de Table (Wenzinger) 
Cd 17: C. P. E. BACH: Orchestral Sinfonie (Richter) 
Cd 18-19: HANDEL: Israel in Egypt (Mackerras) 
Cd 20: D. SCARLATTI: Sonaten (Kirkpatrick) 
Cd 21: Canti Amorosi (Rogers / Jürgens) 
Cd 22: OCKEGHEM: Missa pro defunctis (Bruno Turner) 
Cd 23: CORELLI: Violin-Sonaten op. 5 (Melkus) 
Cd 24: Music of the Gothic Era (Munrow) 
Cd 25: RAMEAU: Werke für Cembalo (Gilbert) 
Cd 26: ZELENKA: Werke für Orchester (Camerata Bern) 
Cd 27: J. S. BACH: Goldberg-Variationen (Pinnock) 
Cd 28: VIVALDI: Die Vier Jahreszeiten (Pinnock) 
Cd 29: TELEMANN: Wassermusik (Goebel) 
Cd 30-31: J. S. BACH: Messe in h-moll (Gardiner) 
Cd 32: PALESTRINA : Missa Papae Marcelli (Preston) 
Cd 33: MOZART: Konzerte für Klavier (Bilson / Gardiner) 
Cd 34-35: MONTEVERDI: Marienvesper (1610) (Gardiner) 
Cd 36: HAYDN: Symphonien 39, 41, 48 & 65 (Pinnock) 
Cd 37: BEETHOVEN: Symphonien 5 & 6 (Gardiner) 
Cd 38: REBEL: Les Elémens (Goebel) 
Cd 39-40: HANDEL: La Resurrezione (Minkowski) 
Cd 41: G. GABRIELI: Music for San Rocco (McCreesh) 
Cd 42-43: HANDEL: Messiah (McCreesh) 
Cd 44: LAMENTI (von Otter) 
Cd 45: A Flemish Feast (Piffaro) 
Cd 46: DESPREZ: Motetten (Orlando Consort) 
Cd 47: HANDEL: Italienische Kantaten (Kožená) 
Cd 48: RAMEAU: Une symphonie imaginaire (Minkowski) 
Cd 49: MYSLIVEČEK: Symphonien (Concerto Köln) 
Cd 50: VIVALDI: Konzerte für 2 Violinen (Carmignola / Mullova) 
Cd 51-53: HANDEL: Alcina (Curtis) 
Cd 54: VICTORIA: Motets and Hymns (Ensemble Plus Ultra) 
Cd 55: NEW FROM ARCHIV (Prohaska / Tenebrae / Carmignola)

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    1. Thank you so much, Thang Nguyen,but CD37-41 are missing?

    2. I am so sorry I did not find your reply below. nothing is missing. Just fantastic!

  2. Hello Thang Nguyen,

    Thanks for your share. Infortunately, it seems that CD37 to 41 are missing?

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  3. So many of these recordings were my introduction to the music contained therein, and they time has not diminished their value or ability to delight, i.e. Vol 13 - Terpsichore; Vol 8 - Silver Swan and Cries of London etc. etc.

    Thank you as always.

  4. Thanks for your share.
    The CD37 to 41 are missing.

  5. So sorry. CD 37-41 :

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  7. I would like if there is any scan? and Thanks!!

  8. Fantastic. I bought this set when it came out, but it will be wonderful to have a back up on my hard drive. Thank you very much for your time and trouble.