Label : Chandos
Lossless + Cover
Not my rip (Thanks to original releaser - camar1lla)

Tracklist :

Serge Rachmaninov (1873 - 1943)
Were you hiccoughing, Natasha?
Fate, Op.21, No. 1
By a fresh grave, Op.21, No. 2
Twilight, Op.21, No. 3
They replied, Op.21, No. 4
Lilacs, Op.21. No. 5
Fragment from A. Musset, Op.21, No. 6
How peaceful, Op.21, No. 7
On the death of a siskin, Op.21, No. 8
Melody, Op.21, No. 9
Before the icon, Op.21, No.10
I am not a prophet, Op.21, No.11
How pained I am, Op.21, No.12
There are many sounds, Op.26, No. 1
All was taken from me, Op.26, No. 2
We shall rest, Op.26, No. 3
Two farewells, Op.26, No. 4
Let us leave, my sweet, Op.26, No. 5
Christ is risen, Op. 26, No. 6
To my children, Op.26, No. 7
I beg for mercy, Op.26, No. 8
I am again alone, Op.26, No. 9
At my window, Op.26, No.10
The fountain, Op.26, No.11
Night is sorrowful, Op.26, No.12
Yesterday we met, Op.26, No.13
The ring, Op.26, No.14
All passes, Op.26, No.15

Joan Rodgers- soprano, Maria Popescu - contralto
Alexandre Naoumenko - tenor, Sergei Leiferkus - baritone
Howard Shelley - piano

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