Label :  MCA
Lossless + Cover
Not my rip (Thanks to releaser - Matryjoshka)

Tracklist :

1. Ductia (English, 13th century)
2. Alle psallite (German, 13th century)
3. Portugaler (French?, 14th/15th century)
4. Angelus ad Virginem (English, 13th/14th century)
5. In seculum breve (French, 13th century)
6. Orientis partibus (Song of the Ass) (French, 13th century)
7. Ductia (English, 13th century)
8. Verbum patris (French, 12th century)
9. E semine rosa (French, 12th/13th century) 
10. Alleluia psallat (English, 13th/14th century)
11. Thys Yol (English, 14th/15th century)
12. Edi beo thu (English, 13th century)
13. Ecce quod natura (English, 15th century)
14. Nova, nova (English, 15th century)
15. Goday my Lord Syre Cristemasse (English, 15th century)
16. Danse real (French, 13th century)
17. Pérotin: Beata viscera (French, 12th/13th century)
18. Virgo (French, 13th century)
19. Beata viscera (English, 13th century)
20. Quene note (English, 14th/15th century)
21. Gilles Binchois: A Solis Ortus (French, 15th century)
22. John Hothby: Tard il mio cor (English, 15th century)
23. Ther ys no rose (English, 15th century)
24. Nowel, synge we both al and som (English, 15th century)
25. Nowel, owt of your slepe (English, 15th century)
26. Hayl Mary (English, 15th century)
27. Synge we to this mery cumpane (English, 15th century)

Pro Cantione Antiqua :
Charles Brett - countertenor
Timothy Penrose - countertenor
James Griffett - tenor
Neil Jenkins - tenor
Ian Partridge - tenor
Brian Etheridge - bass
Michael George - bass

Medieval Wind Ensemble :
Peter Davies - recorders, doucaine, bombarde, bagpipes
Jonathan Morgan - recorders, doucaine, shawm
Andrew van der Beek - recorders, doucaine, shawm, sackbut
Mark Brown - tabor, timbrel
Directed by Marc Brown

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